Healthcare Billing Service of NY customizes solutions to relieve hospital personnel of the labor intensive task of billing Workers’ Compensation and No-Fault accounts. Our WC and NF department staff are trained professionals who specialize in these areas, as well as in follow-up on aged accounts.

Healthcare Billing Service of NY has consistently obtained liquidation figures between 76 and 87 percent for its hospital clients who refer their day one accounts in this financial class, while significantly reducing their days outstanding.
Included in the billing process:
(Primary Billing — Day One)
  • Initial billing of WC and NF claims to insurance carriers
  • Telephone calls to employers and insurance carriers for information, verification and claim status
  • Telephone calls to patient/guarantor when necessary to obtain/verify insurance information
  • Re-billing of WC and NF claims to insurance carriers when needed
  • Follow-up telephone calls to insurance carriers
  • Transfer of accounts to self-pay when appropriate, i.e. when claim is rejected or patient/guarantor refuses to provide necessary information
The hospitals provide Healthcare Billing Service of NY personnel with the following Information and/or perform the following tasks:
  • An itemized bill (UB04)
  • A copy of all Lab, X-ray, ER reports as necessary
  • Copies of physician statements, when needed
  • Post all payments, allowances, and financial class changes as required
  • Allow Healthcare Billing Service of NY personnel access to the hospital’s computer system as needed
We specialize in the WC and NF billing of outpatient, inpatient, implant, and ambulatory surgery accounts.