The Medicaid Eligibility Services (MES) program will provide a staff specifically trained in the rules and regulations that govern the Medicaid program.

On your institution’s behalf our MES program will guide your potentially eligible patient population through the entire Medicaid application process and serve as their advocate to the Department of Social Services (DSS).

The management of this program has over forty years experience in providing MES services to hospital and nursing home providers.
MES includes:
  • Professional, compassionate advocacy for your potentially eligible patient population
  • Contacting the patient/responsible party via telephone, letters and field visits
  • Completing a Medicaid application and assisting the patient/responsible party to gather the required documentation
  • Reviewing all DSS decisions for compliance with the law and appeal, if appropriate
MES can be delivered in 3 different ways:

MES Day One
A specialist at Healthcare Billing Service of NY will review your Self-Pay admissions and screen those patients while still in-house at your facility. If the patient is determined to be “potentially eligible“ for Medicaid, the application process will commence immediately and the account referred to us. If we uncover existing Medicaid or other third-party coverage for the patient while still in-house, the account, along with the third-party information will be returned to the hospital — free of charge.

MES Back-Up Plan
When utilized in this manner, your hospital’s staff makes the initial attempt to assist the patient with the Medicaid application process. However, should your staff fail to obtain an application and necessary documentation from the patient, that account can be referred to us (within 30 days of admission), and we will strive to successfully complete the application process and obtain eligibility.

MES Nursing Home
On occasion your institution may have a patient who has health insurance for hospital admission but eventually needs to be placed in a nursing home upon discharge. Healthcare Billing Services of NY can assist in obtaining nursing home Medicaid coverage.

MES can assist hospitals to minimize bad debts associated with treating the uninsured/under insured patient population. MES will maximize Medicaid Recoveries for your institution! Avoid self-pay/ no-pay outcomes!